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Keeping Your Eyes on The Prize

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Keeping Your Eyes on The Prize

When life is going well,  things are rosy and it seems like we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. But sometimes life is moving along swimmingly and all of a sudden, out of the blue, we are surprised with the unexpected.  When the unexpected occurs it can slow us down and make us feel like the world is conspiring against us. It can be hard to see any solution that will put us back on track.  How we view the event can be part of the problem itself . The degree to which we personalize the event, view it as a permanent fixture, and make generalizations about its' reach in our lives ( i.e. it's pervasiveness) will impact how quickly we are able to move on.  Viewing the event with these three Ps in mind can be a useful way of thinking through life's little speed bumps.

What are the three “Ps” ?

The three Ps refer to the words “Personalization”, “Permanence” and “Pervasive”.

(1)  Personalization:  is the tendency to personalize an issue , to view it as solely your fault, and to be overly self-critical. There very well might be, and usually are, external factors beyond your control that have caused or contributed to the problem.  Bringing these external factors to light can lead us to a broader understanding of the issue and a quicker resolution.

(2) Permanence:  it is easy to feel like a situation or crisis will be permanent and will never blow over.  In fact it is more likely a temporary setback.

(3) Pervasive:  refers to the belief or generalization that because we had a negative result in one area of our lives that it automatically extends to all aspects of our life including work, family, friends, interests, etc.  

The way we think about the events or issues in our life has a direct bearing on our ability to stay on track and make progress.  The 3 Ps provides  a framework that some people find useful for this purpose.


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